Back In Teaching Mode?

I have recently discovered a very interesting intersection to my life: teaching–again. I had created, several months ago, three courses that would, someday, be offered in a lab environment online. The purpose was to test the paradigm shift from free to paid instruction.

The topics were diverse. I had created a course to be delivered during the 25 days leading up to Christmas that I called “The Annual Advent Adventure”. To my surprise, the course has been made public via reviews, and people are signing up. That was wierd because I really haven’t advertised or publicized the course at all yet.

The second course was an “anytime” course on the Ten Commandments that had been outlined, with a Syllabus–but not written yet. This is a personal endeavor course for me, to bring current my convictions and beliefs about the Ten Commandments and their place in today’s faith world. I had one student apply in six months. I’ve had five enroll in the past three days! Okay, Dad. I get it!

The third course is an orientation course to TOSCA, and is designed to help our fee-paying students, faculty and staff learn their way around this massive learning site. It isn’t even outlined yet! Three in three!


I get it. Please be with me as I prepare for these tasks. Please keep me out of the way, and take over the work. When I’ve done all I can, please do all that I can’t, so you can receive the Glory alone. Be with me in my belief, and help my unbelief.

Thanks, Dad. I love You, too.

Your Kid,


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Prayer Of Thanks

Hey, Dad? It’s me. Can I hop up into your lap for a minute? Thanks Sara and I have felt your presence with us in these past days, and I want to Thank You for sheltering and protecting us. I thank you for Your travel mercies on our 500 mile trip over the past two days. Dad, I felt you with us as we visited the doctors in Illinois. It gets just so very frustrating sometimes yet You helped me to keep my cool, mostly, with them. Thanks for that. I really hate it when I lose my grip, Dad. Help me, Dad. The doctors are surely killing me. Help me find a Physician that wants to be like my King, Jesus. This would be such a huge blessing! Help the people in Baltimore approve my appeal, if it would be in Your Will, Dad. They can’t give me the broken parts back, but they could make the journey a little easier for me by making these trips possible without sacrificing so very much. But, through it all, Dad let me be Your Kid. Let me be invisible, and let the people see You alone. I love you, Dad. Thanks for hugging me. Your Kid, Bud

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Hello world!

The purpose of this journal is to document my personal prayer journey. I will also write articles, essays, etc. of a Christian nature. I am a man of strong faith, who personally subscribes to the notion that nothing destroys faith more quickly or completely than organized religion. It is my faith I will explore, and share here. This is a Christian Blog. I hope the things I write will help your faith, too.

May the God of Creation show Himself here, and may He alone be glorified. May His presence here show itself in a strong and miraculous way that is so greatly above physical explanation that the only possible explanation is God visible ih His supernatural self.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Pastor Bud

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Premiere Entry

Hello, World!
In the IT world, that is the first line presented to the world by a new programmer. In my music life, my first words have always been "Welcome to MY world!"
Today we begin the sequence of events which will result in the launch of the company known as Grand Organ Productions, LLC. It is fitting (and very cool) to welcome you to this grand adventure. This blog will highlight those milestone events we experience as this four-year project finally sees the light of day. We are very proud of the work of so many who make up Grand Organ Productions. We look forward to sharing their success with you.
Grand Organ Productions LLC exists for several reasons, which will be talked about–a lot!–in thisblog. Trying to guess what questions we should answer is not the best way to get the news and information YOU need to you. So, ask questions in your comments, or visit our website and fill in a comment card. We’ll be "breaking" stories here first, so if you are a site member you will want to bookmark this site for future reference.
We have identified even more needs for Grand Organ Productions than when we first discussed the possibility of having this entity:
 Publishing the works of our authors and artists
The origination of The Online School of Creative Arts (TOSCA)
The Grand Organ Competitions
Providing exclusive products and services from our exclusive online Bookstore
We are working to bring those products and services that our members, and our community, have requested. We are completely customer-oriented. If you need it, we have it, we’ll get it, or it just isn’t made (and we will create it!).
So stay tuned. Enjoy our radio stations, and visit the website from time to time. We will do whatever we can to create a vital, vibrant community without equal on the internet, one satisfied customer at a time. We will use legendary customer service, real products, and superior satisfaction to add life to your characters. 
We look forward with you as you complete the journey, the books, and the songs of your life.
Musically Yours,
The Grand Organ Team
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