Back In Teaching Mode?

I have recently discovered a very interesting intersection to my life: teaching–again. I had created, several months ago, three courses that would, someday, be offered in a lab environment online. The purpose was to test the paradigm shift from free to paid instruction.

The topics were diverse. I had created a course to be delivered during the 25 days leading up to Christmas that I called “The Annual Advent Adventure”. To my surprise, the course has been made public via reviews, and people are signing up. That was wierd because I really haven’t advertised or publicized the course at all yet.

The second course was an “anytime” course on the Ten Commandments that had been outlined, with a Syllabus–but not written yet. This is a personal endeavor course for me, to bring current my convictions and beliefs about the Ten Commandments and their place in today’s faith world. I had one student apply in six months. I’ve had five enroll in the past three days! Okay, Dad. I get it!

The third course is an orientation course to TOSCA, and is designed to help our fee-paying students, faculty and staff learn their way around this massive learning site. It isn’t even outlined yet! Three in three!


I get it. Please be with me as I prepare for these tasks. Please keep me out of the way, and take over the work. When I’ve done all I can, please do all that I can’t, so you can receive the Glory alone. Be with me in my belief, and help my unbelief.

Thanks, Dad. I love You, too.

Your Kid,



About pastorbud

I am a writer, pasor, teacher, auhor, and publisher.
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